Note on Recording Stats


Hi Everyone. 

Stats were updated last night.  I may, or may not come to the Facebook page to make an announcement that they have been updated, however, I will ALWAYS post a League Update on the official BCDA Website to announce that they are.  The BCDA Website is always your "Go To" place for any and all league information and updates.

Additionally, there seems to be some confusion as to WHEN Match Scores and All Stars are supposed to be updated so I will go over this for anyone who isn't sure or doesn't know.

Match Scores are to be updated the Sunday after matches are played. This is done by either looking at the score sheets from that week, listening to the voice mails left by the captains that week, looking at the emails from the captains that week or from the text messages from the captains for that week. This is also why it's sooooooo important that you call, text or email your match scores by Friday of that playing week.  It is a rule.

ORIGINAL Score Sheets are due by the 2nd Friday after a match is played. Which is also a rule and there is a point penalty for late score sheets.

Example: Score Sheets for Week # 1 were due on the Friday of Week # 2, Score Sheets for Week # 2 were due on the Friday of Week # 3. 

All Stars cannot be updated without Score Sheets.  For this reason, All Stars will always be posted the week after Match Scores UNLESS I have all of the score sheets for the week that I am posting.  If I have all of the score sheets, I will update All Stars when I update Match Scores as I did in Week # 1 and Week # 3 of this season.  Week # 2's All Stars could not be updated when the Match Scores were because I didn't have all of the sheets.

For your convenience and to help with updating stats in a more timely manner, we have added a 3rd Drop Off location in the Southern part of Broward County to drop off your sheets.  There are now 4 bars out of South Broward hosting 7 teams so this will allow those 7 teams a place to drop off their sheets when they are down south playing and not go all the way to Brady's or Greenbrier if they don't have to.  A Notice was put into your packets that you picked up on Packet Night.

I hope this settles any confusions that there may be.  As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Week # 3 Note to Captains


Hi Captains,

Well, here it is, the end of Week # 3.  Whew, that flew by fast!!!

Many of you might not have noticed that the "3 Week Rule" was removed in your 2014 Winter Season Rules that were in your Packet.  The old rule allowed for anyone to play on any team on any night without notifying the Stat Secretary of a team addition 24 hours in advance of play.  One of the problems with this rule is that some players were playing in divisions that they shouldn't have been in the first 3 weeks and jumping teams to help their friends and giving some teams unfair advantages.

That really wasn't an issue this season and didn't happen, but because this rule had been around for a while and Captains didn't know of its removal, each situation was discussed and worked out to benefit everyone involved.

Going forward this season and future seasons to come, please note that 24 hour notice will have to be provided to the Stat Secretary before play, starting in week # 1. 
Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Week # 2 Match Scores are updated


Hi Everyone.  I've updated Week # 2 Match Scores however All Stars are not updated. 

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and I will post highlights when I get back from the Caribbean Cup in Tampa.



Week # 1 Stats

Week # 1 Stats are done

Whew what a week! Looking at some of these score sheets, I can tell some of you had some amazing games as well! 

I was fortunate enough to go to a couple of matches this week and see some amazing things happen. I got to see some of our "Baby Leaguers" throw darts in a League for the first time and see their excitement as they jump up and down from hitting that last Bull to win the game..... or hit a Round of 5, learn what that is and find out all about All Stars and what they mean. I felt like I was watching Bambi learning to walk and it reminded me of why we all ever picked up these little sharp metal things and throw them at the wall to begin with...... CAUSE IT'S FUN!!! 

Some of our BCDA players came out of the gates this week not messing around with All Stars, 180's, Rounds of 9, High Ins and High Outs that are outstanding! 

C Division: 
Great Job to Elaine Kiley for her 136.  Not too shabby for someone who never picked up a dart until just a few short weeks ago.  Keep an eye on this fire cracker everyone! 

B Division:
We have a tie with the men and women in All Stars, keep it up everyone! 

A Silver Thursday:
Karen Evans-Mcleod leads the ladies in All Stars so far, great job Karen. 
Pete "PD-HO" Lashure came back to BCDA this season and has come back hard with 7 All Stars this week, Welcome Back Pete, you've been missed. 

A Gold Thursday:
Renae Fialkowsky KILLED IT this week with High In, High Out and the only Female All Star I was able to record this week.  
Ed Mesco is leading in All Stars but I had to do a double take on the score sheet when I saw that both Norman Burke and Norman Fialkowsky hit a High In of 100 and they were playing against each other.  Great Job guys! 

Power 19 Wednesday: 
Christine Mack attacked Wednesday night with 7 All Stars but Kate Keathley dominated the High In and High Out.  I can't wait to see what this season unfolds.
Gary Horn handled the All Stars with 10 for the week and a Round of 9 but Jeff Bussmann handled the High In and High Out and is close on Gary's heels. 

Power 19 Bronze: 
The ladies are neck and neck this week in All Stars while Brian McGrade attacked the board with a 180 and 9 All Stars for the night.  Great job everyone. 

Power 19 Silver:
Jo Ann Greenwood lit up the board with 5 All Stars this week and set the bar pretty high for the rest of the ladies to follow this season. 
Randy McCullough took a strong lead with 10 All Stars this week while Walter Griffitts stuck a 180 in there.  Great job guys! 

Power 19 Gold:
Christine Mack, the true Mack Attack came screaming out of the gates with 10 All stars for the night, what a way to start a season Chris! 
Rick Paez started his season strong with 26 All Stars including a Round of 9 while Dave Travers attacked with 20 and a 180 in there.  Stephen Harper started his season with a Round of 9 as well.  Great job guys! 

Natasha Striegle is leading the Masters Ladies with 5 All Stars for the week.
Randy Wornstaff and Donnie Strode are tied in All Stars with 21 and Donnie started his season with a 180 and Gerry Peters started his with a Round of 9.  Great shooting guys! 

What a great first week every one had, I can't wait to see what next week looks like! 

Shoot Well everyone! 


New Designated Drop Off Bar Location


Please be sure to pull your Rules out of your packet as there is a flyer attached to the front with the information of a new Designated Drop Off Bar Location for your convenience.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 
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